Capitalize your experience & network

by becoming our TechBuddy & Channel Partner

How you Capitalize your experience & network


Be our Native Tech lead

As we work on a hybrid model, we are in a constant search for a native tech lead to bridge the gap of quality, culture and communication.

Be a part of our global Channel partner Network

Helios Benelux B.V. is a part of Helios group of companies which has a global presence with active partner network. Being a part of this network, you get a chance to interact, learn and grow.

Channel Partner

Revenue Share

Get 7% of revenue generated as a partner revenue share for every business generated through your leads.

  • You don’t have to do any active sales activity. We take care of the pre-sales and sales activities
  • You don’t get in to legal and contractual bindings with the clients. All legal and contractual activities will be handled by us with the clients

Who we are

We are a Dutch company, having over 17 years of experience in providing software development & support services to the Dutch market.

Globally, we have 210+ software engineers, from which 53+ engineers are dedicatedly working for Dutch businesses.

25% of our business is generated from the Netherlands.

Our parent company is Helios Solutions, located in India.

Global Presence

Jigar Shah

Helios Group CEO india

Industries we serve

Our Offerings

IT services
Education / eLearning
Engineering & Construction
Marketing & Media
FinTech / Insuretech
Retail & Ecommerce
Food Ordering & Delivery
Transport & Logistics

Our Offerings

Enterprise Solutions
Software Product Eengineering
Artficial Intelligence
Big Data Analytics
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things
Chat Development
Legacy Modernization
QA & Testing

Driven by the Hybrid Model

Dedicated remote development team. Led by Dutch Tech Architect + PM.


Technical Architect & Project Manager

Remote Team

Software development resources that work under the guidance of Dutch leadership

Why you?

Tech Buddy

You are a right fit to be our tech buddy, with your experience in providing tech solutions.

Channel Partner

You are a right CP if you are trusted by your network with a desire to capitalize your network.

Connect with our Helios Benelux leadership team to
know more about being our partner.

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